The Sims 4

the opinions on here are just mine and mine alone.

Okay so it seems that I was one of the people who got the Sims 4 CAS demo early. To be honest most of the news that has been shared didn't really bother me. I hated playing the Toddler age group and usually cheated and aged them up. I am upset about no pools but am pretty sure that we will end up at a later date getting them. So no big deal. But what I am kinda upset at is the fact it seems that they decided to go back a few steps. We are now back to the semi realistic cartoony characters that are just a step up from Sims2. Instead of eyelashes we have the thick line by the eye again to show that. Also no choices other than what the creators made, and we love those... NOT, ugh some things are just not even close to what I would even think of, let alone want.  Hmmmm looks like MTS is going to be my go to spot, to at least make the game enjoyable, just like I had to do with Sims 2, what with better choices in fabric design etc. I know I'll not be leaving the Sims3 for this game as I prefer the creation and choices we can do now. I did make a couple sims, but this one is my fave. I enjoyed the way that you could pick and choose the area and just using the mouse move the area to what you liked to a point. I didn't put the bags under the eyes and there was no way to lessen them. Also the long neck was not my choice but there was no way to make it shorter unless I made the face really long.

Yes the items in this outfit can only come in select colors, it took me half an hour to find items that had the same colors in them. At least with the sims 2 bodyshop, if you did it before you played, you could edit the outfits like making a shirt shorter or using a color or design of your choice on it. Maybe the full game will have better choices, you never know. But I know that at the moment I am extremely underwhelmed. Who knows, until I have the full game in my hands, I may be happily surprised. Yes I am still going to get it. I admit I am a Simaholic and I love it. Also I have an urge to own all... ya I have the as well as every console game and pc.... I know I have issues.  Maybe for Sims 5 they will realize that quality is better than quantity and after spending hundreds of $ on Sims 3,  I can't even say that I will bother to get any eps or sps or store items for the Sims 4,
I will admit that some of the building tools look cool and really can't wait to try them out but again you only get to choose from the presets, no real choice actually so chances are once I find a pattern/color scheme I like, all my houses will look the same and all my sims will dress the same, at least until people from other sites make the mods and stuff  to make it more enjoyable with more choices. So in my opinion, it looks like it should have been called "Prequel Sims 3" as that is what it really seems like. More steps back than what was necessary, maybe they should have just focused on fixing the glitches that the patches caused, like the massive spawning of cars, thank goodness for Twallen's mods like overwatch that fixed these If there is only 150 sims in my world and only half of that able to drive, why do I have over 30000 cars in my world? or if I make a house with spawners on it, why when I upload it into my game do I now have 6 spawners in the one spot when I only placed one?

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